Getting Started With Keywords

Like any marketing communications efforts, it’s best to think of your social media monitoring program strategically. Here are the steps we’ll take you through when you embark on your monitoring program.

Step 1 – Define listening objectives

What kind of information are you after? That’s the first question that must be answered before you start. Your answer to this question will guide the rest of your program, from keyword selection to knowing which results to focus on, and from the types of reports you’ll receive to the kinds of insight you’ll gain.

Step 2 – Keyword brainstorm and research

We’ll guide you through a brainstorm of all the keywords related to your objectives. We’ll also supplement that by researching keywords related to your objectives for you.

Step 3 – Keyword testing

Once keywords are decided on, it’s vital that they get tested in a search engine setting. For one, the keywords that seem obvious may not return the best results and, secondly, when you test, you’ll learn of new ones that may lead to better insights.

Step 4 – Human insights

Once the results start coming in, you’ll not only want to see the numbers being generated (mentions, geo breakdown, demographics, sentiment), but also gain real insight into what they mean. And that requires deep diving into the results, clicking through and reading different posts and developing a conclusion as to what the vital information is and where is can lead from a communications standpoint.

Step 5 – Response planning

Now that you know what’s being said, how will you handle the information? Will you actively respond on social networks? If so, how? We can help you plan for different scenarios so you’re never thrown off balance by the tone of the online conversations related to your brand.

Step 6 – Implementation

Be it training on the different social networks, the design of a custom feedback channel or the creation of your own social media dashboard, we can help you stay present and up-to-date on your own online activity, in addition to helping you collect and gain insight from your social media monitoring program.

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