About Us

With the emergence of social media and online networking platforms comes a real-time, worldwide library of information just waiting to be searched, sorted, aggregated and analyzed. Collect this business intelligence and you can keep your finger on the pulse of your brand, customers and industry, as you aim to become a smarter, more responsive client-focussed company.

At SocialMediaMonitoring.ca, you’ll learn why it’s essential to start your own monitoring program and how we can help you with customized reporting and insights into the intelligence you’re collecting. You will see just how easy and cost-effective it is to start your own monitoring program to better understand what people are thinking and feeling about your brand. Start with custom reports, we’ll add insights and the engagement strategies to help you be in the right place at the right time across the web.

Gaining real insight into what social media data means requires a deep dive into the results, clicking through and reading different posts and developing a conclusion as to what the important information is and where it can lead, from both a communications and business standpoint,” said Goren. “Alterian SM2 is a powerful starting point and being able to export the data means the potential for us to derive further value is huge.