How To Buy Youtube Subscribers in 2019

Want to buy subscribers on Youtube, but do not know where to start?

Are you wondering if it’s safe or if it really works?

In this post we will teach you como comprar inscritos no Youtube and some tricks that will make your video take off! What you will learn:

  • Worth buying, does it work?
  • How to buy subscribers securely
  • Where to buy
  • How to earn subscribers naturally
  • Secret Tip! Worth the wait, does it work?

Buying subscribers is a strategy used by many “celebrities” and prominent people on Youtube with the goal of leveraging the channel, but nobody confesses.

It’s the fastest, easiest, and cheapest way to increase your subscribers and views in no time, as long as you make sure you buy only real subscribers.

Escape from companies that charge cheap by thousands of subscribers. They are fake and may end up blocking your channel.

Buy An Amount Fit To The Size Of The Channel!

Rome was not created in a day and there is no miracle method to make your channel have thousands of subscribers. If you have a channel with little activity (few views and tanned), start with a small amount and combine with visualization and tanned packages.

YouTube knows the activity of your channel and does not allow the sudden increase of subscribers without justification. If you do not have visitors, how can you have many subscribers?

How to Buy Youtube Subcribers Safely

Watch the video below and learn how to buy YouTube views and securely subscribed in 3 simple steps: Link to video:

How to Make Many Natural YouTube Subscribers?

Buying subscribers grows your Youtube channel, but you need to combine with a strategy to earn subscribers naturally and consistently.

They will form the basis of your channel and interact with your content. It may take some time for your video or channel to merge, but these tips will definitely put you on the right track.

1) Use Notes on Videos

Do you know those balloons that appear on the video screen with sayings like “Short” or “Sign Here”?

They are called annotations on Youtube and are a great way to increase visits on your videos.

Through annotations you can link to your other videos, to your playlist, to your channel, making your viewers watch more of your videos.

They’re a great way to drive viewers to your other videos and increase views across the channel.

The video below is a collection of several viral videos. Each rectangle on the screen is a note. If you click, you’re directed to one of the videos.

It’s a creative way of using annotations and connecting all your videos, making your viewers not only watch one video but your entire collection.

2) Playlists

Many users do not realize that playlists are a great way to boost views of your videos.

Playlists are lists or groups of videos that pass in sequence, one after another.

The good thing about playlists is that they appear separately in search results.

That means if you have a video about dogs and a playlist of animals with your dog video inside, the two will appear in the results.

Many can click on your dog video and others in your animal playlist.

You increase the chances of someone viewing your videos!

Also, because playlists pass a stream of videos automatically, when viewers watch your playlist, all your videos get more views, which is great for the channel.

Playlists still work like normal video, you can include them in your posts on social networks, on your blog, website … Just copy the code from the list.

Below is an example of a playlist:

3) Encourage New Subscribers

Subscribers are the best way to increase views of your videos. In the end, they are your fan base that are waiting for you to post a new video.

The more subscribers you have, the more views you’ll get once you upload a new video to YouTube.

Whenever some new video of you is released it appears on the first page of the person who has subscribed to the channel.

Many still can choose to be notified by email as soon as you release a new video.

But how to win subscribers in Yotube?

Many visitors are not even thinking about signing up for your channel.

But if in addition to creating awesome videos, did you use a note (to mark them?) To remind them to join?

Or rather, if you personally asked the video if they would like to subscribe to the channel?

It would certainly earn a lot more subscribers.

4) Bulletins

In addition to increasing their fan base, it is also important to communicate with them.

One of the best ways is through the “Bulletins”. A few years ago YouTube created the “bulletins” and they allow you to send text and videos to your subscribers.

They appear on the first page. Do not be shy, send out newsletters so your subscribers know you’ve released a new video.

5) Comment, Enjoy and Follow Other Users

If you are not enjoying the huge community that is YouTube, you are wasting time.

Commenting on the videos you like, subscribing to channels you like and following influential users in your area, you only do well for your channel.

Not only does it help spread your name across the community, but it does encourage users who have seen the video with your comment to visit your channel and watch your videos as well.

This increases your subscribers, your views and your network of contacts, opening doors for future partnerships.

Collaborating with other users who also have enough subscribers is great. Each is presented to the subscriber base of the other, thus increasing their own subscribers.

A trick used by the marketers and professionals of Youtube is to create a video about some topic of the moment.

It could be a remix of some video that is making a success now, a cover of some popular music, a parody with the movie of the moment or something related to a current news.

Choose a title similar to the original video, the name of the song, movie or news.

Your video will not only appear in the same search results as it might end up appearing in the side suggestions of the original video channel as one of the recommended ones.

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