11 people on the last thing Instagram convinced them to buy


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Head over to Instagram for *checks notes* a vase and some underwear.
Head over to Instagram for *checks notes* a vase and some underwear.

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Instagram is the spon con capital of the internet, so if it hasn’t convinced you to buy something yet, it probably will eventually.

Here are some things I have purchased after seeing them on Instagram: a ribbed turtleneck sweater, a watering can, a bottle of hot sauce, and a shirt that says “Hot Sandwich.” I don’t regret buying any of these things, necessarily — except maybe the hot sauce, which would’ve been much cheaper if I’d taken one bus ride to an actual store. 

But my (mostly) positive experience isn’t universal. A friend of mine bought a jacket based on a post from what he later realized was a product aggregation account. The jacket, allegedly a size large, was so small that he could not fit it over his shoulders. His loss was my gain, though: I got a free jacket. I have not worn it yet. Perhaps I never will. It is not very breathable.

Here, 11 other people reveal the last time an Instagram post convinced them to make a purchase — and, more importantly, whether the stuff is actually good.

1. “This jug!! These interiors influencers on Instagram did a collab with Habitat and the items sold out v quickly. I’m obsessed with it.” —Rachel, 30

The jug.

2. “Some non-binary underwear from tomboyx — honestly so comfy and worth it.” —Anna Clare, 23

3. “I don’t remember where I saw this [natural hair care line], but my discover is mostly natural hair and Beyoncé dance videos. Kehlani follows them as well; maybe she did a shout out? I recommend this every week; it exceeded expectations.” —Lacey, 29

4. “The last thing I bought from an Instagram ad was custom shampoo and conditioner from Function of Beauty … you take a quiz on your hair type and hair ~goals~ and then they send you a custom formula. So far I really like both the shampoo and conditioner and I’ve reordered it.” — Rachel, 24

5. “A way over-priced phone case that ripped in a week!!!!!!!! It was my first ever thing bought from Insta.” —Hayley, 25

6. “A coin purse from Samara.” —Ahrim, 24

7. “I bought [these RBG earrings] last night.” —Erin, 29

The dissent collar earrings.

8. “I haven’t gotten this yet, but the teddy coat from J.Crew. I just see it on my Explore page and I like that it looks so comfy.” —Sabrina, 16

9. “Instagram convinced me to buy this sweatshirt for my boyfriend for Christmas … it was just an ad on my general feed, and he seems very happy with it (but the sizing was a little bit off). I also got a matching one that says ‘not now arctic puffin’ with which I am very happy.” —Ali, 23

10. “I saw these [Vans] on a sponsored post on my Instagram feed … I own too many pairs already.” –-Alex, 24

11. “Matching PJs with my dog.” —Jess, 26

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