Facebook Reactions, Shares & Comments: 2018 in Review

Some people—including many of your customers—practically live on Facebook (despite all the bad press it got in 2018). So how do they behave? What do they share, “love” or merely “like” or “haha” about? What brands stand out?

Socialbakers, an AI-powered social media marketing platform with visibility into $3 billion of ad spend, has taken some key information about Facebook from 2018 and turned it into an insightful infographic recapping the year.

For example:

  • For the second straight year, US Facebooks users used the “love” reaction more than users in any other country.
  • US brands on Facebook have their content shared the most, and Netflix is the No. 1 brand in the US with the most shared content.

And speaking of Netflix: it had the top shared post on Facebook with a post on Aug. 26 about Adam Sandler’s new comedy show: Adam Sandler 100% Fresh. The post garnered over 1.3 million shares and nearly 2.4 million interactions.

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