Here’s what’s up with Ashton Kutcher tweeting out his phone number

Image: Michael Koavac/Getty Images for WeWork

On Monday, Ashton Kutcher tweeted that he’d be “changing [his] social media strategy.” On Tuesday, he tweeted out his phone number.

No, Kutcher probably wasn’t hacked. And if he did actually give out his private phone number, he probably has a new one now.

The number he shared is connected to an ostensibly new messaging service provider called Community, which, according to its privacy policy, allows subscribers to send messages to their “fans and followers.”

When I sent the number a text, I received this message in response. Clicking on the link led me to the Community website, where I was prompted to sign up for Kutcher’s mailing list. 

Not even an iMessage!

A change in social media strategy indeed.

On the bright side, it looks like at least one person got a personalized response. That’s worth plunging yourself deeper into push notification hell, right?

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