How Brands Are Using AI on Social Media

Artificial intelligence (AI) may not take down the human race like it does in the movies, but it is primed to change the world as we know it. The true impact of AI has yet to be felt, but it’s no longer just movie magic… it’s reality.

There are real implications and benefits to its use, and marketing will be one of the many disciplines affected the most: 47% of companies agree that those who don’t invest in AI are at risk of being pushed out by competitors, according to Forbes Insights.

For Marketing, this evolving technology will open doors for automating processes and delivering more personalized experiences across platforms—including ones we haven’t even dreamed of yet.

Fully 60% of enterprise marketers said they plan to use AI in their content marketing this year, and 32% said marketing technologies must integrate AI into their workflow, according to a recent report from martech company BrightEdge. They voiced that AI would help them gain a better understanding of their customers, increase productivity and save time, and create better performing content.

Though we’ve yet to see the full capabilities of AI—and many marketers are still adjusting to the learning curve—some brands are already using this powerful tool to engage their audiences on social media and so gain an edge on the competition.

Here’s how.

Placing Personalized Social Feeds on Their Websites

Some brands are using AI to bridge the gap between social engagement and e-commerce. Cosmetics brand ColourPop, for example, wanted to drive its 5 million Instagram followers to its product and checkout pages, where they can then make a purchase. It set up an algorithm-based feed of social posts customized for each Instagram user right on its mobile site.

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