How to Measure Your Effectiveness on Social Media

Steadily growing platforms such as Facebook (2.18 billion active monthly users), Twitter (336 million), YouTube (1.9 billion), LinkedIn (294 million), Instagram (1 billion), Pinterest (200 million), and Snapchat (255 million) have ensured that brands use social media as channels for establishing and growing their online presence.

But is social media living up to its promise of helping marketers reach potential customers and delivering business results?

The social media users of today have gotten savvier. They know that brands are producing promotional content: 86% of the people are confident in their ability to identify content as con-tent marketing (Clutch).

Meanwhile, as a marketer, you’re sweating blood to create tons of social media content and investing in paid ad campaigns to help your content gain more visibility.

Is all of that converting into real business results?

Significant percentages of social media marketers find it difficult to measure ROI to deter-mine what content to post:

Source: Sprout Social

Moreover, most brands suffer from poor engagement rates, fake or nonperforming followers, and lack of user interest in branded content. Facebook usage among young Americans de-clined 15% in 2018 (The Infinite Dial 2018):

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