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In July of 2006, I first learned of Humpy Wheeler, one of the foremost promotors of NASCAR. He was a guest on NPR’s news quiz show, “Wait Wait! Don’t Tell Me!” And what he did thrilled me.

Sell Clean

Humpy talked about running the motor speedway about 12 miles away from the theater where the episode was being filmed. He asked, “You want to come? I’ve got tickets in my pocket.”

Here’s where I have to stop explain something.

In my memory, I recall host Peter Sagal asking if he was inviting people for free. When I replayed the episode, that part doesn’t appear. Was this post-episode editing, or do I remember it wrong. (If you know me, it’s the memory.) But I’m going to tell you the story the way I remember it, not necessarily the way it was.

Humpy asked, “You want to come? I’ve got tickets in my pocket.” Peter Sagal asked, “You mean for free?” Humpy said back, “No, for sale.”

What I love about this is that Humpy Wheeler doesn’t apologize one bit. He sells a product he believes is of great value.

That’s the story for today. Sell clean. Believe in what you sell. Be clear that you’re selling it. Be clear WHAT you’re selling. And sell it often.

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