Ways to Use Social Media for Customer Retention

Marketers are familiar with customer acquisition and customer retention. Both are necessary for businesses, but the latter generally costs less and increases revenue.

For those reasons, marketers should be exploring their options for retaining customers. And social media is a good channel to consider to help you keep customers coming back, according to an infographic by digital marketing and Web design agency Branex.

The infographic highlights seven ways social media can help marketers increase customer retention. For example:

  • Rewarding brand advocates on social media can strengthen bonds with some of your most vocal customers, the infographic suggests.
  • Also, since actions taken on social media are often public, others will see your relationships with customers and gain a positive sense of your brand.

Simply listening to what your customers are saying on social can give you a better sense of how to satisfy them, the graphic suggests.

To see why customer retention is important and find some ideas for how to use social media to retain customers, check out the infographic:

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