Your Kids Want to Make Their Own Games

My son and I are learning a bit about coding. I’m downright not-smart at it. It doesn’t come naturally to me. My son? Well, he started learning on Scratch when he was five. So when I saw that Unity had released a game making software (aff) called Swords & Shovels, I was intrigued.

Making a Game is a Great Way to Learn to Code

The old version of game making used to be silly. You could make VERY rudimentary games. They taught you something, but no one wanted to actually play it. I can’t imagine how many parents had to endure “playing” those games.

But this? Swords and Shovels? It’s actually FUN!

Check out this video:

Okay. So I have to be clear about something. It’s not like you make every single bit of this from scratch. There are all kinds of scripts built in. The art’s already made. I mean, if I had to make this from scratch, it might have stunk. But I didn’t.

The Best Part

It feels SO satisfying to play a game you made yourself. Even if you didn’t do every scrap of it, the experience of making something, testing it, making some mistakes, fixing them, and then playing. It’s so cool.

Oh. I think I’m supposed to point out that you can also do this with your kids. 🙂 But if you’re a big kid, it’s fun just for yourself, too.

Check out Swords and Shovels. You’ll dig it.


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